Product ID: SG-QD4PK

Quick Disconnect Hand Control System

The favorite hand control system amongst today's Rehabilitation Specialists is the Sure Grip Quick Release 8-in-1 system. The innovative design allows for easy removal and installation of the hand control, to help better accommodate able bodied drivers.

The Sure Grip Quick Disconnect was created so that driver evaluators can quickly change between all four styles of Sure Grip hand controls on both the left and right side. By providing all important options driver evaluators can ensure that every client drives away with an ideal solution tailored to their needs. Howell Ventures has placed hundreds of Quick Release systems that are being actively used by today's driving Rehabilitation Specialists.

AutoLock is an accelerator lock-out device that comes standard on all of Sure Grip's hand controls, and is an added safety feature for the driver or those that share the vehicle. With the twist of a knob, the accelerator function of the hand control can be disabled and help prevent accidents through misuse of the control by mechanics, valets or any other unqualified user. AutoLock comes standard with the Sure Grip Quick Disconnect controls.

Howell Ventures is also excited to provide all four styles of controls on both sides with our new Featherlite 2.0 Quick Disconnect system. For more information please visit or call us at 1.888.370.5050.

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