My name is Scott King. I'm a C5/C6 Quadriplegic with minimal hand and arm strength. In fact, I use an electric wheelchair with a joy stick. My first driving evaluation called for electronic brake and gas controls. After 10 years of driving with electronic controls I was faced with the need to replace my controls. Financially, that was a huge burden leaving me with no options to drive. I had tried a number of different hand control systems but was unable to manage driving with any of them. Then I learned about the Sure Grip hand controls. So I did some research by calling around asking questions, reading about the Sure Grip on the internet, then finally finding someone that used them so I could see and try it out for myself.

The day I first got behind the wheel of a friend's Sure Grip equipped vehicle was the end of all my questions. It was independence all over again. No more cut up dashboards, no more bulky equipment cluttering up the vehicle, no more buying back-up systems for the electronic systems. What I had was a neatly mounted hand control that looked almost factory installed at a fraction of the cost of the electronic system.

I had used electronic systems for 10 years and was only able to drive one vehicle, but now I own two sets of Sure Grips and love driving my own pick up. Driving with the Sure Grip is more of a natural feeling and gives you the option to drive with both hands on the wheel. For a quadriplegic with minimal hand and arm strength, it's effortless to use and I have no worries that something electronic is going to fail.

In closing, the best way to sum up the Sure Grip is by saying: "When driving with the Sure Grip, your disability doesn't limit your driving."

My name is Ruth Wilson and I have been living with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis for 17 years. On the 4th of July 2005 I fell and fractured my right femur. After surgery and a 9 day stay in the hospital, I was only allowed to return home if I followed the instructions of my Occupational Therapists. Much to my dismay, one of these was to get hand controls installed in my vehicle. After going for an instructional drive with my OT, I found that after only 5 minutes behind the wheel I was extremely tired. She assured me she would do some checking to see if there were options for me beyond the right angle type of control she had in her vehicle. At this point I had all but resigned myself to the idea that I just was not going to be able to drive anymore.

As promised, my OT, Denise was prompt in getting back to me. She had made inquiries through an association she belonged to and was made aware of the Sure Grip hand control. She said that it was supposed to be the least fatiguing hand control available. The closest supplier was 110 miles away, so I did my own leg work (haha), checking with local suppliers to see if they had heard of this control. They said “no” but they would consider becoming a supplier if that was needed in order for me to get the controls I required. I then made a call to Howell Ventures. From this point on I have had nothing but blessings. Getting hand controls was a huge adjustment for me. But everyone was so helpful and the whole process went absolutely without incident. In fact my OT now has a set of Sure Grip hand con-
trols installed in her vehicle.

I drive a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer and when I picked it up from the installer, I got in and drove away like I had been doing it for years. The Sure Grip controls are so comfortable and easy to use that I can’t believe I fought driving for so long. March of this year, I drove 100 miles straight through without stopping, two weekends in a row.

Thank you Howell Ventures!! You turned something I was dreading into one of the most pleasurable adjustments I have had to make in dealing with this dreadful disease.

John McGivern
Owner/Director of the Dan Lutz Rehabilitative Driving Program
"The easy flow of gas from the Sure Grip in my opinion is why their control
is number one, but more importantly all my clients rate them number one!"

Robert LeFreniere - “I have been using Sure Grip hand control equipment for 11 years. It has made it possible for me to get behind the wheel again. One simple manual grip control makes it easy to use. Sure Grip is a sure thing: it enhances my independence and my life style!”

Doug Bridgman - “I have been a Sure Grip user for 10 years and I cannot imagine ever having to use push pull hand controls again. My Sure Grips are so simple to use. Push Rock really Rocks! Just try them – you can’t believe the difference.”

Lars Taylor (BSc OT Licensed Driving Instructor T-8 Paraplegic) - “Without the use of my lower extremities to apply a floor mounted instructor’s brake, I would have been unable to do my job as a driving evaluator and adaptive driving instructor. The SureGrip Dual Brake and Gas has allowed me to become the first person with paraplegia in British Columbia to become a licensed driving instructor and to use my knowledge, gained over more than 16 years of personal experience with hand controls, to introduce new adaptive drivers to the use of hand controls and other equipment. This device also allows me to turn any SureGrip Hand Control equipped vehicle into an instructor’s vehicle, allowing me to train individuals using their own, familiar automobile. This has been a valuable tool for me. Thanks SureGrip.”

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